Window Dream Meaning Interpretation

window dreams

You already know that you usually dream more often with things that are part of our lives. A window is a ubiquitous object, though not everyone usually has a dream about windows. If you think carefully, a window is a gap in your mind. The windows help us see the outside. Not only that, the window brings light to the house.

Almost all dream experts assume that dreaming about windows is a hope to meet expectations. However, you must know that dreams must be subjectively analyzed by considering the chronology that comes from your life. In this way, every thought will not have the same meaning.


What does it mean to dream about windows?

In some cultures, a dream of a closed window is a sign that you want to meet the expectations that will not happen. Were you trying to open a window in your thoughts? To dream of closing the window is also a symbol of your limitations. If you think about it carefully, it’s not all bad. You know that you do not want to waste time getting something beyond your capacity.

Dreams with open windows represent success and victory. You usually do not give up to do your goals. You are also a fighter and optimist. You typically refresh yourself mentally, from every day you extract the experience, learn from your mistakes.

When you dreamed of seeing many stains on the surface of the window makes your dreams look worse. Maybe something is disturbing and tarnish your viewpoint. Do you know about your life purpose? Broken windows in dreams show you about sentimental failures, heated arguments, and frustrations.

Other window meanings in dreams

  1. If the window you saw a round window, it symbolizes your spiritual development. If the window is in box-shaped, it represents the material.
  2. If in a dream you see that children are playing outside the window, this means good things happen to you, but you are locked inside of you.
  3. If you dream that you are looking for a window, then this symbolizes your fears.
  4. If in a dream you want to open a window but you cannot, It is a sign that you have reached your limits.
  5. If in a dream you see a huge window, this is a sign that you will start a new study or a new business. It also symbolizes progress.
  6. If in a dream, you see rays of sunlight coming through the windows, the symbolizes that you are willing to receive all the positive effects.
  7. If in a dream, you see or spy on someone, this symbolizes the sexual experience you feel.
  8. If in a dream what you see through windows is a beautiful sight, this is a sign that you have to interact with others. You have to live beautifully without fear. Conversely, if you see a terrible atmosphere, this dream symbolizes the unfortunate events that will happen to you, both materially and spiritually.
  9. If in a dream you see an open window and close it, it is a sign that you are protecting yourself from the things that are happening around you.
  10. If in a dream, you enter or exit through a window, this symbolizes that you are in the wrong way.
  11. If you see a window covered with a curtain in a dream or you see a window with iron bars, this symbolizes that you are hiding from reality.

The windows in dreams symbolize the outside world, and through the window, you can see what happens without getting involved. Dreaming of windows, good or bad depends on what you see through windows.