Wedding Dress Dream Meaning Interpretation

wedding dress dream

sasint / Pixabay

Being a bride or groom is what many people want, sitting on the aisle on a historic day, wearing wedding dress is desirable and even dreamed of. So, what does it mean when you dream of wearing a wedding dress? Perhaps some people have dreamed about this.

To dream of wearing a wedding dress has two points, these are positive and negative. For those of you who still want to know what that means, here are some aspects of wearing a wedding dress. Here’s the meaning of a wedding dress in a dream:


Wedding dress in a dream

1. When you dreamed of wearing a red wedding dress, it signifies your emotional state. The red color is often favorite for wedding receptions. The red color is a symbol of happiness in a party. Meanwhile, the dream indicates that you will feel angry soon. It symbolizes that you are very negative when you have to take responsibility. This vision also signifies the lie that lasts forever.

2. When you dreamed of wearing a white wedding dress, it indicates a good dream, because white is always synonymous with kindness. That means your home life goes well and will have a definite purpose. The white dress also shows that someone will respect you. Your efforts and work will not escape the attention of others, and you will have respect for others. Everyone will think of you as a model for success and will seek advice from you.

3. Dream of wearing a torn wedding dress, it indicates terrible things will come, because everyone will be upset and angry when the clothes are torn. That means there will be misunderstandings in the household. Ragged dress signifies a conflict. You may have a battle with your family.

4. When you see a woman trying on a wedding dress, this dream symbolizes that you are very depressed and you are looking for something that gives meaning to your life.


5. When you see many people wearing wedding dress, this dream symbolizes the arrival of a new person in the family.

6. When you dream that the wedding dress is dirty, this dream symbolizes that you feel dirty inside.

7. The old dress is a threat signal. If you are a firefighter, you should concentrate and work with high responsibilities. Meanwhile, the new dress shows a new love affair. You will get a unique experience.

8. A colorful dress indicates that you are going to do the adventure. You will meet new people.

9. Dress with a very high price indicates that you will be lucky. You may be dealing with someone who will bring you get a chance.

10. When you sew the dress, this dream shows that you will get a reward for your efforts.

11. When you wash the dress, this dream implies that your wish will come true.

12. If you were dreaming of a black wedding dress, this dream symbolizes the fear that you feel to make a permanent commitment. Meanwhile, the black dress also symbolizes the sad news. It is bad news for people you know.

13. When you were designing a wedding dress for women, this dream symbolizes that you are looking for a business plan for someone you know.

14. When in a dream that you saw a woman wearing a wedding veil, this dream symbolizes that you are not showing true feelings, you are even afraid.

Here are some dream explanations about the wedding dress. When you dream of a wedding dress, it symbolizes your perseverance. The wedding dress can show your commitment.