Tree Dream Meaning Interpretation

tree dream

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Trees are part of life and very important to humans. Trees give many benefits to humans. Some trees provide a source of food for humans and some help human beings in various areas of life. In dream interpretation, trees are related to ambition or desire to gain something by struggle. The big and tall tree characters are connected to the difficulties that must be faced.

If you love nature and you want to relax to find inner peace, then you can have a dream of green trees. At certain moments, the interpretation of these dreams usually a good sign. As your personality develops, you can also dream of trees.

The tree in the dream can be a good sign or a bad sign depending on the conditions that occur in your sleep. It is imperative to remember the details. Some dream interpretations say that cutting down trees is a good sign, that you will succeed in overcoming the distractions or evil intentions of others against you. It is better if the tree you cut down in a place to block your path.


From other perceptions, dream interpretation would mean the dream of cutting down a tree as a bad sign, which you will do an action that ultimately has a negative impact on yourself. Here are some tree-related dream interpretations in various situations. Keep in mind, this information is just an interpretation, sometimes giving the opposite meaning.

The dream of a tree represents a peaceful life. However, when you sleep, what kind of tree is it? The tree can represent yourself deepest. Therefore, you must know the details of your dreams because this will have different interpretations.

Dreaming enormous trees in the dense forest with lush foliage can show that you love life in all aspects and you want to enjoy every second. If you take cover under a tree, this usually represents how you act in certain aspects of your life. Here’s the meaning of the tree in more detail:


What does it mean to dream about trees?

1. When you dream of a tree house, it means you are free-spirited.

2. If you’re hugging a tree in a dream, it symbolizes positive energy.

3. Dreaming a burning tree reflects your inner sadness.

4. While you observe the dry and deciduous trees, this dream is a sign that tough times will come.

5. If you see the woody forest, the dream is a good sign you feel safe in the social environment.

6. If you dream of a tree, and at that moment you are sick, this is signal because it shows you will recover as soon as possible.

7. If you see a broad-leaved tree, this dream signifies that you are very protected.

8. When you see a tree with green leaves, the dream signifies that you will have more benefits than you think.

9. If you see a fallen tree in a dream, it symbolizes you you will not have fun.

10. If you dream of climbing trees, then it shows a picture of your struggle to get something about the goals, the result depends on your dream, whether you succeed or not in climbing the tree. If you are successful in climbing trees, this is a good sign, and you will have good luck and success in your business. When you feel it difficult, it is a picture of the obstacles that you face in achieving your desires. If you don’t successfully climb the tree, then you will fail in your business.

11. If you see a tree with its broken branches, this dream is a sign you will be sick.

12. When you dream about olive trees, this is a signal you will soon get happiness.

13. If you see a tree full of flowers, this symbolizes that you will have a new relationship with someone.

14. When you see a row of trees, this dream signifies that you will have problems. The people loyal to you will defend you.

15. When you take water from a palm tree branch, it shows that you will get money from a woman quickly.

16. When you buy a date palm, then you will marry if you are single. If you are already married, then this means happiness.

17. While you plant a date palm at home, this dream symbolizes excitement.

18. When you have an apple tree at home, this dream shows you will get what you desire.

19. If you see the vine, this dream signifies that you will have power, everything will be easy for you to accomplish.

20. When you dream about a banana tree, it shows that your life will be beneficial to many people.

21. If you see a banana tree growing, then this dream signifies that you will have a son.

22. While you see a coconut tree in a dream, it represents a lie.

23. If you use something from a coconut tree, this dream means that someone deceives you.

24. When you see a cotton tree, this dream symbolizes that what you do will be useful to others.

25. Durian tree in a dream symbolizes deceit and poverty.

26. The orange tree in a dream shows poor health or you are hard to compromise.

27. When you cut a rose tree, this dream symbolizes trouble. If in sleep you only see it, then this means power for you.

28. When you are on top of the tree, this dream symbolizes that your life depends on others.

29. If you’re down trees or fallen from the tree, this dream signifies that you do not work perfectly.

30. When you fall from a tree, and it injures you or die, this dream symbolizes deviant behavior.

31. When you see a tree without leaves, this dream symbolizes trouble.

32. If you see a dry tree at home and someone in your house is sick, then it means death or big trouble.

33. When you see a tree being fruitful without leaves, this dream shows your ugliness.

34. When you uproot a tree in a dream, this shows you will be sick and even die.

35. When you cut down a tree that is now bearing fruit, this dream signifies that you will break up with someone.

36. If you see a variety of tree species growing outside your home, this dream symbolizes disaster.

37. If you plant a tree but it doesn’t grow, this dream shows sorrow.

38. When you see a tree that turns big and suddenly becomes small, and so on and on repeatedly, it shows an unstable emotional from your friend.

39. When you see dried tree branches, this dream shows that one of your relatives has a bad character.

40. When you see a tree on a plantation, this dream symbolizes that you will earn money from the owner.

41. When you see a thorn tree, this dream symbolizes that you are dealing with bad guys.

42. When you see the roots of the tree, this dream shows the alms you have to do.

43. When you see the trees move, this dream shows you will be traveling.

44. When you see the bushes, it shows that you will start a very important activity or perhaps a birth in the family.

45. When you see lots of trees on the streets, it shows that you will have a lot of inconveniences to get what you want, your life will be full of struggles to get results that are not much.

46. When you look at a tree in a dream, signifies the grace of life you have. A tree in your sleep also shows independence you do not need the help of others.

47. When you see a cedar tree, this dream symbolizes a long life.

48. A tree with an exotic bird, this dream symbolizes a happy and prosperous time with what you have striven for.

49. Trees with predatory birds, it’s a nightmare that signifies a setback for your business. You will also have tough times you have to face.

50. When you dream of climbing a very high tree, it is a sign that you will have risky luck. When the branches broke, it is a sad sign, and you will get grief.

51. Climbing the banyan tree is a good sign, and you will have good luck. If you are married, there is a possibility that you will have a child. Meanwhile, climbing coconut trees is also a good sign, you will gain good in life.

52. When you see monkeys climbing trees, it’s a good sign; you’ll find a bright hope in love.

53. Sitting on a tree shows that you will gain a position in your work. Meanwhile, sitting under a tree indicates people will help you.

54. Dream of cutting down trees is a good sign that someone who wants to block or interrupt you will not succeed.

55. Dream of cutting down trees yet unbroken is a sad sign that you will have that you do not like at all.

The tree symbolizes the nature of immortality. In many cultures, the tree is regarded as something sacred. Even in Bali, natives using a plaid cloth to cover the tree.