Spear Dream Meaning Interpretation

spear dream

The spear is a weapon made up of long sticks, and at the end, there is a pointed part to pierce the target. In general, spears are used by troops in the past to fight. Also, when you are hunting in the forest, you may also need a spear to stab your prey. What does the spear symbolize in a dream? The dream dictionary will help you to understand why the subconscious sends this message.

Some experts believe that spears represent humanity and you always try to gain knowledge. It’s impressive for you to know how people live in ancient times with little resources at their disposal. Spear also symbolizes that you have a fighting character and you are very competitive. You try to be the best in all factors, even if you know that this is very difficult.

On the other hand, dreaming of a spear signifies that you feel weak compared to others and that’s why you need a more significant weapon to defend yourself. The meaning of dreams is always different depending on the context of your sleep. For that, you should read more about the dream of the spear. Here are some other interpretations when the spear is present in your sleep:


What does it mean to dream about a spear?

When you see the spear in your sleep, this dream signifies an argument. People who are looking for time to stab you in the back will surround you. Even though you have spent a lot of time with them, but they are not interested in having a fair relationship with you.

When you throw a spear, this dream implies that you are very unrealistic. You will start doing something, but it will not stop you to hope that you want to succeed overnight. Many will praise your efforts and advise you to be patient. Even so, you will feel that you have lost many things and you are left behind for others.

When you break the spear, this dream shows that you are hesitant. You have some opportunities, and you are confused about how to use them. On the other hand, you have to choose one of them. You will ask those close to you to advise, but you will only get more confused and away from the solution.

When someone else is holding a spear, this dream signals that you will face a problem. Even so, you will cope the best way, and it will work without you having to think about it. You are a person who always dares to many problems that may arise. On the other hand, if you are fighting with a spear, then this dream shows a fighting spirit.


When you see a broken spear, this dream shows your weakness and lack of strength when an unfavorable situation arises. You are often worried, and you feel inferior to the people around you. You must be confident and learn from your success.

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