Son Dream Meaning Interpretation

son dream meaningIn general, dreaming about your son is a good sign. This dream shows that you have a secure connection with your son. But if you do not have a son, then maybe you want a baby boy. The family is the most important thing for you, including your son. Many people spend a lot of time with family, sharing their sadness and joy. Therefore you can have a dream about your son in your sleep.

Dreams about family members usually show how a family is so important to you. However, this can also have a further meaning. Your son in your sleep represents a masculine symbol.

Anyone who has a son in life and the dream may also symbolize the beautiful events. Also, thoughts about your son can even show the inferiority feelings of the people concerned. If you have a wish to have a son, then this is normal to happen to you. Here’s what your son meant in a dream:

What does your son say in your sleep?

  1. When your son cried, and you could not calm him in a dream, this dream symbolizes the obstacles, especially in the workplace.
  2. If you dreamed of seeing your baby boy smiling, then this shows a happy relationship in your life.
  3. If you dreamed that your son was crying, this dream symbolizes illness and disappointment. It also signifies that you must be vigilant because soon you will be involved in the problem.
  4. When you dreamed that you saw your baby boy crawling or walking for the first time, this dream symbolizes that you are a very independent person and you do not need anyone else.
  5. When your son joined the army in a dream, this dream represents the good times to come.
  6. If in a dream that your son obeyed last night and he listened to your suggestion last night, this symbolizes your hopes and dreams will come true.
  7. If in a dream that you were talking to your son, then it is a good sign because the moments of happiness are approaching.
  8. If a woman dreamed of giving birth to a premature baby, then this dream symbolizes the plan to make a higher life.
  9. If in a dream that your son was kidnapped or trapped, this symbolizes that you feel trapped and you do not know how to escape from the routine.
  10. When you dreamed that your son was sad last night, then this dream symbolizes that you should be able to face problems.
  11. A dream that your son was married, this dream represents the family problem to come.
  12. When in a dream that your son was asleep, this symbolizes quiet time.
  13. If in a dream that your son was sick, this vision represents a difficult time.
  14. When your son died in a dream, this dream represents a loss of control over some important aspects of your life.
  15. If your son behaved well in your sleep last night, this dream represents a positive change in your life.

Dreams about your son are a good sign, showing your fortune in the future. In general, dreaming about a child has a positive symbol, because your child is part of you.