Shovel Dream Meaning Spade Interpretation

spade shovel dream meaning

The spade is a tool to dig the ground or carpentry tools. Specific devices can become dream objects. In real life, as you dig in the ground or move particular materials, you will probably need a shovel. What do shovels and spades symbolize in a dream? The dream dictionary will help you answer your questions.

Dream experts say that a shovel represents a particular secret that makes you nervous. You may have a mystery related to your family; this will make you feel worried. Dreaming of spades also symbolizes specific intentions to hide some action. You are not entirely transparent, and you have something you hide.

However, the details of your dream will affect the interpretation. Therefore, you need to read another explanation of the shovel in different situations. Here are some other interpretations about the spade you should know:


What does it mean to dream about shovels?

When you see a shovel in your sleep, this dream signifies your worries. Your work will not work as you planned, and you’ll spend a lot of unprovoked time figuring out what you should do. Everything you do will not work well so that you can bring stress into your personal life.

When you find, or you get a shovel, this dream symbolizes the secret. There’s something you do not want to share with anyone. For a long time, you will torture yourself with what you will do. You will decide to continue your life without wasting power on things you cannot change.

As you dig the ground with a spade in your sleep, this dream indicates that you will be fighting with someone. You have been silent for a long time and suffer injustice due to the person you love. You will say what you have in mind, but at the same time, you will see that many things you should not say. This dream also reveals that you must stop being arrogant or stubborn.

When you see children using shovels, this dream signifies that you will enjoy a delightful time. If you see adults using shovels, this dream shows that good health.


Broken or rusted shovel shows your plan tomorrow will not materialize. You may make bad decisions, or bad luck will fall on you. You have to find someone to help you, learn to listen to the advice of your loved ones.

As you dredge the snow with a shovel, this dream signifies that you are the one who can handle every difficult situation. You should not give up on the case even if it’s hard for you.

In general, a shovel or spade in the dream is usually a symbol that you are not satisfied with the way you live. However, this does not mean that you have to change it, but you must be patient because with diligence and sacrifice you will give results.

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