Scissor Dream Meaning Interpretation

scissor dream

Silberfuchs / Pixabay

Scissor together with needle and the thread are part of the sewing kit, and you need them at home. Scissor is used for cutting paper, hair, cloth, plant leaves and even widely used in hospitals for surgical operation. Scissors are a cutting tool and hence every time you dream of it, you might think that this is something bad. However, this dream does not always have a bad meaning. A change is one of the reasons why you can have dreams with scissors.

Dream of scissor relates to an active element of fighting in work or relationships. Even so, scissor dream is also interpreted to the challenges that must be faced. Here are some possible meanings of scissor dream.


What does a scissor in a dream mean?

The dream of cutting someone’s beard can mean you are doing a fraud. Dream of scissors falling from the sky symbolizes sickness and death. The dream of cutting hair with scissors is to collect money.

When you dream of sharpening a scissor shows that you are refining certain aspects of your personality. You are a self-demanded person, and every day you try to brush up on your weaknesses.

Dream of seeing or using a scissor indicates that you are quite possessive of the person you love. This behavior often carries many complications in personal relationships, because not everyone is willing to spend time for this. If you are truly aware of your actions and looking for happiness, you must trust others, even if you have to remove aspects of your personality.

Dream of using a sharp scissor means you can do anything to meet what you want. There’s nothing wrong with fighting for your thoughts and trying to get better day by day. But you have to consider the feelings of those around you. Your selfishness can affect more than one person. Meanwhile, this dream shows that you are in a perfect moment. You are learning a lot to prepare something important. This is a thorough preparation of new challenges.

When you see a blunt scissor, this dream signifies insecurity in some of the most important aspects of your life. Do you have any problems in your relationship? You may want to get rid of aspects that interfere with your relationship with your partner.


Losing scissors in a dream shows that what you want so far has not been done. If you are patient and persistent, then you will be able to meet your expectations. Conversely, if you set other goals to avoid the despair that affects you, then this prevents you from achieving success.

To cut something endlessly refer to your social weakness. It’s hard for you to express what you feel and avoid confrontation. If you do not change the perspective of your life, then there will always be someone who uses you and makes you look silly in the eyes of others.

Seeing someone else having scissors in a dream will warn you of someone else’s bad intentions to you. Some people are angry with your success and will do everything with their power to hurt you. You must be careful because the enemy will always keep an eye on you.

A dream of breaking a scissor shows sentimental phase will soon be over. Love can overcome differences, but when it ends it all goes away. It’s time to stop that relationship, instead of bringing you joy and happiness, not giving you anything but trouble. Although a broken heart is a tricky thing, sometimes it is also necessary. You must realize what is best for your future, and do so, and you make final and unchanging decisions.