Robbery Dream Meaning Interpretation

robbery dream meaning

The dream of robbery is something scary. The robber is not just picking up your stuff, but it might also hurt you. But if this only happens in a dream, you can still breathe a sigh of relief. Even so, robbery in your sleep is also a symbol of a nightmare.

Dream about lost goods can be scary to you. Of course, you don’t want to miss stuff. What if you lose the assets in a dream, it may be stolen or robbed? Sometimes the meaning of a dream is the opposite of the dream itself. For more detail, the following describes the meaning of robber and thief.

If you dream of being robbed, it means you will lose a good friend.

The dream of stealing happens to a confident person, whereas a stolen dream occurs in vulnerable people and the harm that occurs is an emotional or material crisis. The thought that you were being robbed can be interpreted as your fear of trickery or losing your property. There is a part of your life that you think is vulnerable to harm.

What does it mean when you dream about a robber?

1. When a robber was taking your money and goods, this dream symbolizes that someone is less happy, and then he will get avail but accused of stealing something.

2. If robbers loot your property, this also shows that you are very careless about the person you care about. It is not enough for you to only thank them but you must show respect for them.

3. While you see robbers looting someone you know, this dream indicates that you have hurt that person.

4. When you rob someone you love, this signifies repentance. You have done something that hurts other people’s feelings. Meanwhile, you don’t want your partner to know why you are constantly under pressure. Something has changed your life into a mess and you have to fix it.

5. If you dreamed of seeing many robbers gathering but they unable to take the money, this dream symbolizes illness nearly to death, but then recover again.

6. When you saw in a dream that a robber was taking something, this vision symbolizes lying.

7. If a robber was taking your stuff, this symbolizes disaster for you or your friends.

8. When you dream that you become a robber and people are taking your goods, this dream symbolizes terrible economy for you.

9. When the robbers comes to you and torture you, this vision symbolizes that you get help from God.

10. When you persecute a robber, this dream symbolizes that your enemy will win over you.

11. When you saw a thief in the house took something, this vision indicates that somebody in that house will die soon. If he didn’t take anything, this dream symbolizes severe illness but will heal finally.

Thief and robbery in dreams are identical to unfulfilled desires. It also means frustrating because you cannot have an item. You don’t have to be an envious or greedy person. You will be surprised to know that many of the most honest people you know, at some point in their lives have dreams of stealing what they can’t get in their life.