Dream Of Someone Buying New Clothes

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Buying new clothes is probably very pleasant, even if it only happens in dreams. But if you want to know it all, the thoughts of buying new clothes is often considered as a bad sign. Dream to buy a new dress is a sign of conflict in romance or economic problem.

Clothes in the perspective of the dream are regarded as the symbol associated with the things that we use every day. Related to the issue of romance, buy new clothes are symbols of breaking up or divorced. However, you will not be a long single. You will get a new mate who certainly better than before.

Meanwhile, if related to the economic problems, it is a sign that you’re going to quit your job so far. However, you will soon get a new job. Apart from the two meanings, dreams to buy clothes can have another sign.

Dream of buying clothes

Dream to purchase used uniforms
When you dreamed of buying used clothes, this vision symbolizes that you will get a mate or a new job which worse than your previous work.

Dream to buy clothes at the market
When you bought clothes at the market, this dream symbolizes that you will receive good luck and fortune. Try to be more active than ever to realize the meaning of this dream.

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