Dream Meaning Cutting Hair Short

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Talk about dream interpretation will be endless. Dream of haircut is commonly a bad sign. Some people said that there were unpleasant events in their life. To dream of cutting hair is related to a new incident. You can hear the sad news that will come and make you sock. Many people believe that cutting hair in the dream is a nightmare with a bad meaning.

The most common interpretation in cutting hair is aesthetics. But this happens if you always think about your hair. If this dream comes spontaneously, then this vision is more likely to contain nightmares. That is a dream, cannot be explained logically, but often it can be proven in life. As a consideration and wisdom for those of you who dream of cutting hair, here’s the meaning of cutting hair:

What does it mean to dream of cutting hair?

  1. When in a dream that you cut your own hair, this symbolizes that you are afraid of change, maybe negative.
  2. When you dream that you cut someone’s hair, this vision symbolizes that you are very manipulative and you control someone close to you.
  3. When you abnormally cut your hair, this dream symbolizes that you have passed a traumatic period.
  4. When you cut someone’s hair and a terrible haircut, this dream symbolizes that you are a
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