Dream Meaning Climbing A Tower

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castle tower dream meaning

The tower is part of the construction with altitude. In ancient times, this building was made for the castle as a place to watch. Today, there are many high towers in the cities. What does the tower symbolize in the dream world? The dream dictionary will help you to understand the elements that appear in your sleep.

Experts believe that the dream of a very tall tower represents a far-sighted vision. You may also try to listen to the advice of others that will be very useful. The tower is also a symbol that you are trying to protect yourself.

When the tower appears in your sleep, you should not be so confident when new people emerge in your life. Why should you share your secrets with people you’ve just met?

However, the meaning of the dream will depend on your current context and condition. You can read other interpretations related to the tower in different situations. Here is another explanation of the tower in your dream:

What does it mean to dream of a tower?

When you see the old tower in your sleep, this dream shows that you have an unfulfilled love desire. You may regret not having the courage and make a relationship with the people you like.

As you climb the tower, this dream implies that you will discover a … Read more