Dream Interpretation White Mist

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fog mist dream meaning

Fog is water vapor that condenses in the atmosphere. Interpretation of dreams about fog can help you understand your condition better. Your emotional changes may cause nightmares with haze.

When the mist is present, you will have difficulty seeing the road in front of you. Fog on the highway can also cause accidents for motorists. Mist dreams make you feel scared, that you can’t see something in front of you. Everything you have before your eyes is lost. What exactly is the meaning of fog in dreams? Dream dictionaries will help you interpret dreams with fog.

Young people who are growing up often have dreams about fog. They began to find their way and find themselves. It is natural because they will only see a world full of temptations, a cruel world. When you are in confusion, you might also dream about fog. These dreams can always haunt your mind at any time. You feel scared if you can’t move properly.

As you already know, fog prevents you from seeing objects in the distance. That’s why you can dream of fog when you feel you can’t look at your destination. Do you have doubts about what choices? Do you feel pressured by specific events? Are you worried about your future? You need to continue reading other interpretations related to the fog because the meaning of … Read more