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Dream Interpretation Wedding Of A Friend

Are You Looking For Dream Interpretation Wedding Of A Friend? The following is an explanation and description. Read More Dream Interpretation Wedding Of A Friend.

Marriage Dream Meaning Wedding Interpretation

Getting married is to unite two different hearts. Anyone who has entered adulthood may get married. Married is often only done once in a lifetime so this becomes the most eagerly awaited moment by most people. Various vital preparations before the wedding will be done so that happy moment becomes correctly.

Getting married is a happy and rare event for someone in his life. However, if this moment occurs in a dream, it can be a dangerous sign. The vision of marriage can be a sign that a person will experience misfortune such as illness, loss of goods, or will get calamity.

The Meaning and Symbolism of Marriage Dreams

What does it mean to dream about marriage?

> When you contracted marriage, this dream signifies a profit. You think of everything and try to get the best for you. Many people will say that you are a materialist, but you think you are practical.

> When you were planning a wedding, this dream is a sign that your desire will not be realized. Your relationship with your partner will not result in a beautiful marriage. Over time, you will understand that your feelings are not the same as before.

> When you were attending your ex-wedding, this dream signifies that you have not been able to solve your problem. You feel that your story has ended, but the subconscious shows that you have not been able to overcome the old wounds in your memory. Bad relationships in the past made you and your ex not intend to change bad habits.

> When you left a wedding, this dream is a sign of divorce. There is a chance you will get divorced, and you will get most of the community property. Your Ex will be envious and consider this as an injustice and will give you trouble to give up your intention.

Other marriage interpretations

1. When you dreamed of getting married, it means that you will be sick soon and near to death.

2. When you would marry your boy/ girlfriend in a dream, it means someone will make you disappointed and hurt.

3. When your father married again in a dream, it means the bad things will happen to your family.

4. When you failed to marry someone else in a dream, it means that the abundant sustenance will come …