Dream Interpretation Wearing Bra

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bra dream meaning

The bra is a garment to cover the breast. It becomes the object most likely to appear in dreams especially for women. What made the subconscious send this message last night? Why can men also have dreams like this? You will find the answer through a dream dictionary, and you will soon discover the hidden truth.

Dreaming of a bra symbolizes your desire to be a more confident person. You want to dispel doubts, and you feel more protected, and you want others to protect you. On the other hand, dream experts say that the bra is related to erotic and sensual elements. That is why some men can dream of wearing a bra because of their desire to love more women.

As you already know, you cannot understand the dream interpretation. Every detail in your dream will determine your interpretation more precisely. The large bra does not have the same meaning as a bra with a small size. You have to find another context for interpreting dreams with a bra from another perspective. Here are some exciting interpretations about the bra you should know:

What does it mean to dream about a bra?

> When you saw a bra, this dream makes you feel protected, and many people will support you. It is one of the most beautiful dreams and a very good sign. You … Read more