Dream Interpretation Stairs Up And Down

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The dream of climbing a ladder has many implications. Every day you may see a ladder and stairs, you also realize the importance of stairs in your life. Stairs and ladder show you step by step through to reach your goal. You will walk gradually. Walking on the stairs is usually a race to achieve the goal.

When you dream of a ladder, it shows that you will move to another level in your life, because it shows your social position. The ladder also represents the change that will happen, depending on how the event in the dream took place.

The meaning of dreams with stairs and ladder

  1. While in your sleep that you see a ladder resting on a wall, this vision represents the dangers to come.
  2. When you see a folding ladder in a dream, this dream symbolizes overnight success.
  3. If you dream of climbing the ladder, but you find it difficult, this symbolizes the sad news that makes you unhappy.
  4. When in a dream that you lift a ladder, this symbolizes health.
  5. While in a dream that you are climbing the ladder, this represents the great effort you make to raise the social level in which you are today.
  6. When you dream that you are under a ladder, this dream symbolizes that you will be humiliated.
  7. While in
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