Dream Interpretation Stabbed By Syringe

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Syringe dream

Many people are afraid of a syringe, even in a dream world would be different. Usually, doctors will inject patients related to illness or anesthesia. Injections are also used to insert drugs into the body and blood extraction. However, this medical procedure is usually quite traumatic for many people, so it is directly related to the fears and doubts that are present to you.

In general, injection or syringe can represent new people entering your life. However, it all depends on your context. You can also dream of needle or injection as a way to improve intelligence. Needles also indicate problem-solving and overcoming illness. You may face the fear of the sickness you are suffering. Your subconscious creates ideas that make you uncomfortable. Here the meaning of injection in a dream:


What does it mean to dream about injections?

When a doctor prepares an injection for you, the dream signifies that you need help because of the danger of threatening you.

When you inject someone, this dream signifies that you want to build an emotional bond with that person. In other words, you should also give help or advice to the person if you feel something is worrying you.

When you inject your body, this dream signifies that you are an independent person, even so, … Read more