Dream Interpretation Someone Chasing You

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Dream about being chased is a symbol that you are getting pressure in life right now. Many explanations from psychologists who say if someone gets a dream like being chased, caught, or related to attacks; those are disturbance symbols in life.

Nightmares always make you upset, and you feel afraid when waking up from your sleep. Someone who chases you in a dream shows some problems in your life that you do not realize. You can dream that someone is pursuing you and persecuting you if you have made some mistakes in the last few moments. You have eternal regret and make you feel uncomfortable.

Someone may have a dream of being chased by an animal, a monster, a ghost, a vampire. In this case, you are escaping too heavy a burden in your life. Unsatisfactory results always make you feel uncomfortable, and you are stressed out.

Many examples of cases from people who also had dreams like this. Usually, this dream attacks people who are suffering from mental stress. Feeling depressed over a failure will make you nervous. In the meantime, you have a goal that you must accomplish, and you can not realize your intentions. You know what will happen if you hit a great wall in front of you, you will be hopeless and confused. Even so, not all dream about … Read more