Dream Interpretation Snake Bite Snake

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dream snake bites

Snake is a symbolic animal in mythological stories. Snakes can spread deadly venom or defect the victims. In addition, in snake venom can also be found a cure for snake bites to anticipate and combat the bad effects of snake venom.

The most dangerous and deadly snakes are commonly found in the ocean, these are sea snakes. While on land, the venomous snake known to be fatal are the cobra, black mamba, viper, and rattlesnake, etc. The cobra can throw its toxin through a small hole in its mouth at a distance about 10 ft.

Dreams of a venomous snake can be a fear, this snake dream as a threat symbol because of its deadly bite. Almost every year in the world there is always a victim died from being bitten by a snake. Many films and documentaries have explained the danger of venomous snake bites. As a dream symbol, a venomous snake usually symbolizes a negative connotation.

Why dream of a venomous snake?

A snake bite in a dream is a symbol of the tension is missing in your life. In another sense, this thought says that you do not need to use too much energy to pursue goals that cannot be achieved.

If you dream of being bitten by a venomous snake, the dream symbol indicates an actual injury to the mental … Read more