Dream Interpretation Seeing Someone Underwear

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underwear dream meaning

Underwear is part of men’s and women’s clothing. Since ancient times humans have been wearing a protector as their underwear. It is a common dream, not only in men but women can also have this vision.

Initially, underwear is useful for protecting the genital area. However, over the years, underwear has become a symbol of eroticism and sexuality. Dreaming of underwear represents privacy, though it often refers to specific secrets you can not find.

Some dream experts say with certainty that dreaming of underwear shows that you are in a phase where you have to tighten your belt, and you have economic difficulties. Some specialists in the dream world comment that dreaming with underwear reflects that you feel protected and safe from threats. People who try to protect their privacy are more likely to dream of a loincloth. Are you worried that your secrets will be revealed? Here’s the meaning of a loincloth in a dream:

What does it mean to dream about underwear?

> When someone sees you in your underwear, this dream is related to your feelings and prejudices. When you feel embarrassed, then it shows your fear. People may not accept your thinking because it is not following the wishes of others, and therefore you are afraid to express it freely. On the other hand, when you are not embarrassed, … Read more