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Dream Interpretation Peacock Feathers

Are You Looking For Dream Interpretation Peacock Feathers? The following is an explanation and description. Read More Dream Interpretation Peacock Feathers.

Dream Meaning Feathers Interpretation

Feathers are protectors for birds. Each bird has a character in feathers include color and beauty. When you have a pet bird at home, you may be vulnerable to having this dream. Men and women usually have this kind of vision in their lives, even though they never remember it again. What feathers symbolize in dreams? Dream dictionary will help you to obtain conclusions about a feather in your sleep.

Dream experts often say that the feathers represent a particular burden that you should remove. You must try to forget specific bitter memories, and get rid of childhood trauma. On the other hand, feathers also symbolize that you have to get closer to those you love. In general, the elements that protect the body from cold indicate that you have to pay more attention to the feelings of the people around you.

‎Feather ‎Dream Interpretation

If you feel unsatisfied, you need to dig deeper into your dreams. The details of your thoughts and your current conditions have an essential role to play in concluding. Therefore, you should try to find the interpretation that most closely resembles your dream. Here are some explanations of feathers that you should know:

What does it mean to dream about bird feathers?

When you see a white feather, this dream signifies that you have to try to improve your spiritual life. If you make a lot of mistakes, now is the time for you to repent. White feathers also symbolize the security that you provide to others.

Black feathers are related to darkness, which indicates that your enemy is afraid of you. If your enemy wants to attack, they will not attack you directly because they have no courage. They will attack people who are close to you.

When you see a feather lying on the ground, this dream indicates that you will find the secret of another person or your enemy. It will bring excellent news for you.

When you see feathers flying in the air and then disappearing, this dream symbolizes that you have to turn your attention to more important things. If you ignore important issues, then this will bring economic losses to your business.

When you write with a quill, this dream says that you want to leave marks on the story. This dream is also a sign that you have …