Dream Interpretation Of Your Divorce

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Divorce is synonymous with the term separation. Divorce means separating the two-person married. This picture is usually related to insecurity, lack of communication, and general disillusionment. However, many people will ask, why do I dream of divorce?

In the dream world, it has different interpretations depending on the context and situation, even your age also affects. Logically, divorce will not have the same meaning for children and adults who are married. Therefore, you must analyze the dream to know its true meaning.

When divorce occurs in children, this is usually a nightmare. While sleeping, children suffer and see their parents split up. The child may have misinterpreted an argument between their parents or has heard some conversations from a friend where the parent is in the process of divorce. They want their parents to live together and not support the idea of separation.


When you are married, and you want to divorce your spouse, this dream is a notice from your subconscious. You should seriously consider how your relationship is. There is always a way out for both of you to get rid of in the divorce process.

The above are some of the rational reasons why divorce arises in your sleep. However, if the above things are not related to your current condition, you should continue to follow … Read more