Dream Interpretation Of Spraying Perfume

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Your memory works incomprehensible. You can even keep the smell of perfume in your mind and declare that the aroma has fragrance. In certain situations, you can smell the perfume from people you like. You can remember fragrances, cologne, and perfume with your eyes closed.

Perhaps a simple dream with someone you love or dream about your ex can evoke your memories of the perfume. Imagining perfume is usually included in a good vision. But for sick people who dream of fragrance can mean death.

What does it mean to dream of perfume?

Dreaming with a very fragrant smell can show deception, hiding certain aspects of others. You can even mask your body odor by using perfume. This means symbolizing your falsehood. Not all dreams about perfume are a favorable interpretation, although it is true that usually, a perfume dream means to accentuate personality and give strength to your character.

When you dream of having fragrance, this dream symbolizes the knowledge. If you are a wealthy man, then you will get richer, and others will get an advantage from you.

When you dream that you sell fragrance,  this dream symbolizes a promise kept.

When you dream that you go with someone who uses fragrances, this dream symbolizes that you will get the praise of famous people.

When you dream of seeing a lot of Read more