Dream Interpretation Of Seeing Mask

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mask dream meaning

The mask is a wrapper to hide the face. When you saw carnivals or art shows, you might have this dream. You can dream of a mask if you have just attended a costume party. Shy people can also have this dream. On the other hand, if you feel that someone else is betraying you, the subconscious will send this message.

Many people said the mask symbolizes fraud, hypocrisy, inferiority, and hiding certain aspects. The mask also represents the center of attention if you see it in a charming form. Masks can represent the sides of personality you hide in your life. The mask also has magical meaning, protection, and defense against evil spirits.

In certain cultures, people put masks in front of their homes to eliminate an evil influence. Complex rituals help these people have the energy like symbols on the mask. Have you ever been to Bali? If so, you might also find this phenomenon. The natives put Barong mask in their homes. What you feel in your dreams will also affect the interpretation. Here are other examples with masks according to the dream context:


What does it mean to dream about a mask?

When you see the mask in your sleep, this dream shows that other people cannot read yourself. You may often change your … Read more