Dream Interpretation Lightning Oil Lamp

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lamp dream

The lamp is a tool in many homes around the world to illuminate the room, even anywhere, there is light, such as in the streets. The lamp has a function to provide illumination, although it depends on the material and the design of the lamp. What does the light symbolize in the dream world? What does the subconscious tell you? Now it is time for you to open a dream dictionary and discover the meaning of the vision you receive.

Some dream experts claim that the light represents your darkness and your sense of loss. Lights also symbolize that you need to connect with people who can make your life happy. Dreams of lights also reflect that you have very developed creativity. Therefore you must keep reading the interpretations of many people in all kinds of conditions. Here are some definitions when a lamp comes in your dreams:

What does it mean to dream about a light?

When you see the lights on, this dream signifies that your love will come true. You are not sure whether the person you love feels the same way you think. However, you will soon realize that you have no reason to worry than what you can guess.

When you see a dimmer light, this dream indicates that you are worried. You will feel lost, and you … Read more