Dream Interpretation Knife Cut

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A knife is a tool used for cutting, even used as weapons. The size and shape of a knife will vary according to the need. Why do you dream about knives? It can be interpreted differently from the dream dictionary.

Many people think that dreaming of a knife is due to fear. If in a dream you cut something, depending on the object, you can find out what is worried about you. The knife in dreams usually happens to people who are trying to improve their attitude.

What does it mean to dream of a knife?

1. If you dream of a very sharp knife, this symbolizes caution.


2. While in a dream that you see a knife on a table, this symbolizes that you are at odds with your partner and this can end in a breakup.

3. When you dream that you are sharpening a knife, this dream symbolizes that you need to be more flexible and do not always pretend to be right in everything, because your character can hurt right people on your side.

4. When you dream of a kitchen knife, this dream symbolizes that you are very spoiled in your relationship, even this can bring a breakup in your relationship. You have to move away, so you do not get hurt or have the … Read more