Dream Interpretation Kissing Father

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father dream meaning

Dreaming of a father figure is very common and often happens to many people. Dreams about people close to you every day will be easy to get. On the other hand, if you have just fought with your father, your subconscious mind can evoke dreams with your father. Without you realize you are trying to improve relationships with your father.

The father who comes in your dream represents authority, love, power, protection. However, the context of your vision will determine its meaning. The picture in your sleep can have another interpretation. Some say that a lion in a dream is also related to a parent figure. Here’s the meaning of father in a dream:

What does it mean to dream about dad?

1. When you give gifts to your father, this dream shows that you seek approval from your father and you want him to be proud of your actions.

2. When your father is upset, this dream signifies that you are not accepting advice from your parents. Also, teenagers tend to have this dream if they experience a slightly tricky maturity period.

3. When you travel with your father, this dream is a sign that you want to strengthen a special bond or relationship with your father. You want to have time to get to know him better and share with him about certain secrets. … Read more