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goblin dream meaning

You don’t have to be a kid to dream about a goblin. People who have this kind of dream usually live in a fantasy and imaginative world. The most creative and brilliant mind can also dream about elves and fairies. Our subconscious is carried away by the fantastic fantasy world, but what does it mean to dream about goblins?

Some people believe that dreaming goblin means you have a lot of distractions. Many things disturb your peace and will lead you to modify some aspects of life. Dreaming goblins has very different meanings; this has a very positive or very negative interpretation. Goblin also has supernatural power because they are mysterious beings.

What does it mean to dream of a goblin?

  1. A bad goblin dream means you have people very close to you, so you allow yourself to be influenced by these people.
  2. Dreaming of evil goblins means you realize some people do not appreciate what you say. It allows you to counterattack on your enemies more easily; do not be too sure that these people can not hurt you.
  3. Good goblin dream symbolizes the beliefs of others towards you. Even so, these people have two faces. Meanwhile, you only see one side only.
  4. Dream of seeing goblins is related to the joy and healthy social bonds that you
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