Dream Interpretation Drinking Carrot Juice

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The dream of carrots is not a very common dream, but it is a recurring dream. Many people who have dreamed carrots can have it several times in a lifetime. Carrot dreams talk about how you look and how you are as a person, your strengths, and weaknesses.

Did you know that carrots are not always orange? Many years ago, carrots also had other colors, purple on the outside and yellow on the inside. Carrots are very beneficial for eye health. When you love carrots and eat them regularly, you can get sharp eyesight at night.

Carrots are full of essential nutrients and vitamins for the body. Even parents tend to feed babies with carrots. Carrot is ideal as a dining menu as well for helping to keep dental hygiene and improve digestion. Therefore, the dream of carrot represents health, peace, and harmony at home. Though of course, it can also bring negative meaning depending on the event in your current dream and situation.


What does it mean to dream about carrots?

> When you see fresh carrots, or you are harvesting carrots, this dream represents an understanding and joy in your family. The love you feel for others is so great and unconditional, sometimes you become blind, and you are unaware of reality by ignoring the … Read more