Dream Interpretation Asthma Attack

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Asthma is a disease that involves an inflammation of the respiratory tract that causes difficulty breathing. You may be awake with shortness of breath when asthma attacks you during sleep if you do have it. Science is still looking to avoid this type of disease. You will need a dream dictionary to understand why your subconscious sends this signal.

Some dream experts say that those of you who are under stress can have this vision in your sleep. So many responsibilities, working under pressure can make you dream about asthma. Dreaming about asthma disease also shows that you should try to conquer yourself. Do you feel inferior because you have weaknesses? As you know, dream meaning is subjective. The incidence of your sleep or your current condition is very decisive.

What does it mean to dream about asthma?

1. When you have asthma, this dream signifies that you have to make significant changes in your life. You have to go from the past that leaves a wound in your heart. You have to forget everything and start over.

2. When you dream of things with asthma, this vision shows that you should try to resolve a particular conflict. Therefore, many people who do not have asthma in real life can have this kind of picture when they are asleep.

3. When you see Read more