Dream Interpretation Angel In The Sky

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angel dream

Did you meet an angel in your dream recently? This vision is usually a sign that something is going to happen. Although dreams are the reflection of our minds, sometimes a dream is a warning from God to us. Well, let’s first check what the actual meaning of the dream about an angel is.

Dreaming of angels can be caused that you are in a stage of life that is full of peace, harmony, and happiness. You feel calm and tend to remember the pieces of your life before, and of course, you remember the prayers you learned during childhood. But what if you dream about the death angel? Is this the same meaning with Gabriel or Michael, or the Devil?


What does it mean if you dream about an angel?

  1. If you dream of seeing an angel gives a good news, it means a glory, excitement, and help from God after being persecuted, or recovering from an illness.
  2. If in your dream that you were hostile to Gabriel and Michael, then a penalty of God continually.
  3. If you dream of taking food from the angel Gabriel, it means you will go to heaven.
  4. When you see Gabriel sad in a dream, it means misery and suffering that will befall you.
  5. When you see Michael in a
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