Dream Interpretation Alligator Bite

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Alligator is a wild animal that lives in the rivers and swamps. Since the animal is classified as hazardous, So no wonder the thought of seeing alligators are always related to the bad sign. But sometimes, dream about alligator is also a good sign.

Just like any other beast, based on dream interpretation, crocodiles are associated with a threat, pressure, difficulty, or distress. The wild nature of a crocodile that can attack humans so brutally illustrates a condition that complicates humanity.

There are several dreams interpretation of seeing an alligator that has a proper meaning and also positively. You don’t need to bother looking for because already summarized below.

Meaning of alligator and crocodile in dreams

Dream of seeing alligator
Dreams of seeing an alligator is a sign if someone hates and hostile to us. Moreover, dream to see this water animal can also be interpreted if somebody has an evil intention on us. But as before, not all the sense of seeing alligator always have a bad sign. Anyone would feel scared when getting a dream of seeing an alligator. But actually, the dream of seeing an alligator is a good sign because the person who dreamed it would get a fortune.

Dream of seeing a crocodile
It is a warning to be more careful and vigilant because there are enemies who are secretly stalking you … Read more