Ravine Dream Meaning Interpretation

ravine dream

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The ravine in dreams has a general antagonistic meaning. The steep sections of the cliff lead us to drift in fear. Often these thoughts have the characteristics, the sadness that comes to us and the uncertainty; this allows us to fall into the abyss. For this reason, many analysts agree that people who experience emotional instability stage more susceptible see the gorge in a dream.

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Specific dream interpreters affirm that dreaming of a ravine has a meaning that people with individual personalities have doubts. Are you afraid of losing your job? You may have an idea of the specific details in your sleep. Accidents fall into the abyss in your dreams very unexpectedly. Sometimes particular events or news can change our lives. You should keep reading the descriptions below to get the real meaning.


What does it mean to dream about the ravine?

> If in sleep that you saw an unfounded gorge, this dream symbolizes that you have an uncertain future. Often a person with an unfavorable economic situation can have a vision like this. Whether you like it or not, you still have to accept reality.

> Someone who is stressed or depressed by specific concerns can have a dream trapped in the abyss. They try to break away from the bottomless pit and struggle to climb step by step, as the inner struggle to solve the origin of their problems. In this context, dreaming ravine represents your desire to excel and seek stability.

> When you dreamed of the Abyss, this picture symbolizes that you are in very close danger. Therefore you must be careful to take action in the future.

> When you saw a ravine in your sleep, this dream is a sign that you will experience disappointment, and also dislike that will stop you from reaching your goal.


> When you could avoid a ravine in a dream, then you will be free from all the worries, you will have time to calm down and do your routine activities.

> While you were sleeping that you fell into a bottomless pit and suffer severe injuries, this dream signifies a warning about a traffic accident or an attack on you. You have to be careful if you have dreamed of this last night. Stay away from dangerous places that are prone to accidents and crime.

> When you saw the abyss in the dream, and you feel panic or fear, then this shows a momentary emotional sensitivity, even so, the sensitivity you think is so powerful. You should avoid discussion if you have to express your feelings.

Dreaming of the ravine also has a relationship with a sinking feeling that owned several people. They are not free because of the emotional burden they carry.