Prison Dream Meaning Jail Interpretation

jail prison dream meaning

Prison dreams include a ubiquitous vision experienced by young people and teenagers. You can dream of being imprisoned just because you’ve seen a movie or because you’re passing a stage where you do not feel free.

People who lost the freedom to make decisions, manifest actions, or ways of thinking, they can have dreams of a prison. In the case of teenagers, the thought is very typical of prison. Parents eliminate their freedom to act. Prison dreams usually show a negative meaning, because this place is related to the deprivation of liberty, appreciation, fear and your relationship with those around you. Below you will analyze some possible interpretations of prison dreams.

What does it mean to dream about prison?

> When you saw the cell in your sleep, this dream is a sign that you feel lonely. You think that everyone does not understand you and you don’t believe anyone. Your greatest desire is to find someone who is right for you. You want a long conversation about what interests you and motivates you.

> When you were in the cell, this dream shows that you feel guilty. This feeling will stop you to enjoy your success, and after you make a few changes, you will not do anything that will take you back to the past.

> When you left the jail, this dream symbolizes that you become more flexible. You have been sticking to your previous principles, and you are not ready to give up. Life experiences will show you that there are many colors in this life. You will learn to approach a safe zone that will give you good results.

> When you visited someone in jail, this dream signifies you are worried about the person. You will do everything with your power to help that person.

> When you saw your parents in jail or prison, this dream signifies that someone will embarrass your family. You must act calmly to avoid a greater shame.

> When you saw a stranger in prison, this dream shows justice. For some time, you always live in fear because of the people who hurt you. However, this is no longer a threat to you.

> When you ate food in prison, this dream signifies financial difficulties. You have to save money on certain things. On the other hand, this dream also means good health and long life.

> When you saw your neighbor in prison, this dream says that the person is suffering from shame and probably will not repeat the same thing.

> When your brother or sister was in prison, this dream shows that your family has a secret even though you do not know it.

Other dream meanings

  1. Dream for ex-convict prison symbolizes memories ingrained in your mind. You may find it difficult to make a new life from outside the bars. But it’s harder to stay back inside the prison.
  2. Dream of becoming a prisoner symbolizes social pressure. You should relax and live with a little worry. It takes you to jail in sleep. This vision may also indicate some of the diseases you suffer.
  3. If you dreamed of visiting the prison means you cannot solve some of the problems that have tormented you for some time. Do not let yourself give up facing a problematic situation.
  4. Seeing your partner in prison symbolizes distrust of your loved ones. If you are not entirely sure about your relationship or you are afraid that your partner is unfaithful, then think back as soon as possible whether you want to live with him or not.
  5. Dream to see your relatives in jail means they are experiencing difficult times and they need your help to get ahead. Do not be reluctant to help your families.
  6. Dream out of prison a sign of success in business. It relates to your work. You can also connect with your friends, unconditionally and be willing to do anything for the sake of your welfare.
  7. Seeing inmates escaping from prison in dreams symbolizes terrible people. Do not be so confident that you avoid being hurt.
  8. A prison full of inmates warns you that you must leave the past and learn to forgive.
  9. Seeing children in prison means you have considerable attention. Remember that all problems have solutions.
  10. The dream of watching a prison from a distance is your strong desire to change. You still have time to do it.
  11. If you went to jail for a crime you didn’t do, it refers to people who are jealous of you and harm you. Do not be too concerned with the comments of people trying to hurt you.

Prison dreams are identical with mental and physical stress. This vision can be considered a nightmare and is a sign that you feel limited and full of problems that you cannot solve.