Pigeon Dream Meaning Dove Interpretation

pigeon dream meaning

Pigeon, one type of bird that is quite tame and often seen in the park. Pigeons make many people fall in love, and this is a symbol of peace and friendship. When Jesus was baptized, there was sighting of a dove.

The presence of a pigeon in a dream is commonly related to romance or domestic life. Pigeon in a dream can be a good sign or a bad sign depending on the details that happened in your dream.

If you see a dove near you, then it is a good sign for romance. If you are married, then this is happiness in your household. If you see a lot of pigeons in your dream, then this is interpreted as a good sign. This dream usually means that you will get many descendants. Here are some dream interpretations related to pigeons in various situations. This information is only an interpretation and not something inevitably right.


What does it mean a pigeon in a dream?

> When you see a white dove in your sleep, the dream symbolizes love. You and your partner feel in love again for so many times. You feel like meeting your spouse for the first time. It will improve the quality of your relationship and get you closer. Many people assume that your relationship is perfect.

> When you see a pigeon over a house or tree or in a high place, this dream shows that you will hear good news. You may crush on someone, and you do not express your feelings toward that person. You will try to let that person know about you, and you want to see the reaction from that person.

> When you see a flying pigeon, this dream illustrates that you will get joy. If you already have children, you will do everything to make them independent and work hard. You will be one of many parents who will give their children the life they will be grateful for.


> Feeding pigeons symbolize anger in your family. You often argue with your family by hating the things they do wrong. You think they are guilty of your failure and you say you will never educate your children in this way.

> When you release a dove from a cage to fly freely, this dream shows that you will split up for a while with your loved ones. You may decide to sacrifice your relationship to make your partner realize his dream. Although this will be difficult for you, you will not preclude success in front of you.

> When you catch a dove, this dream signifies that you prefer to stay in a safe zone without trying to force your opinion on people who disagree with you. You rarely take risks and prefer to play safely.

> When you hold or kiss a pigeon, this dream signifies that the love affair in a short time. You are sorry when you hurt someone, but you prefer your freedom and try to save your relationship.

> When you kill a dove in your sleep, this dream shows a debate with your friend. You will hurt someone who is always with you. After you have corrected what you have done, it is too late for regret. You will learn that you should not hurt anyone because it will backfire for you.