Parrot Dream Meaning Interpretation

seeing parrot in dream means

Seeing green parrot in a dream

If you’ve just done parrot-related activities, it’s entirely reasonable for you to have a dream about parrots. What you see or feel in your life, this will get carried away into your dreams.

Although the parrot has an extraordinary beauty and one of the most exotic birds, the dream world has another interpretation that can scare you. Parrots represent your fear of others who spread the gossip behind you. The parrot also shows loneliness, though the bird is so chatty and interacts with people around. That is why if older adults are more vulnerable to have a parrot dream.

Children in the learning process can also dream of parrots as a way of expressing words and communicating. Here’s the dream meaning of a parrot:

What does a parrot dream mean?

  1. When in a dream that you kill a parrot, this symbolizes the gossip that strikes you.
  2. When you see a parrot, and you do not try to kill it, this dream symbolizes many changes in your life, which will make you feel better.
  3. If in a dream that a parrot tells you something, this is a sign of a problem you must face shortly.
  4. To dream that you are training a parrot to speak, this dream represents a future problem in your life.
  5. If you dream that you are conversing with a parrot, this dream symbolizes that you will begin to get in touch better with the people in your neighborhood.
  6. When you enter your room and find a parrot is very beautiful, this dream symbolizes that you will make a massive change in your life and you will take a new path.
  7. When in a dream that you see a dead parrot, this symbolizes that soon you will lose a friendship.
  8. If in a dream that you go into the house and you see a parrot, then you open the window to let it out, the symbolizes a positive change in your life.
  9. When you dream that a parrot advises you, this dream symbolizes that you should listen to the advice given by those who love you.
  10. If you dream that a parrot perched on a tree, this dream shows that you have been deceived because someone you trust will betray you.
  11. While in a dream that you feed a parrot, this symbolizes that you have believed someone you should not trust, you will regret later.
  12. If you dream that you see a featherless parrot, this dream means you have to restore serenity and harmony.

In general, dreaming of a parrot reminds us of treason, which will significantly damage our lives. That’s why you should not believe too much in people who just take advantage of you.