Onion Dream Meaning Garlic Interpretation

onion garlic dream

When you cook, you will probably need onions or garlic for spices. Dreaming about food is very common in people. Each meal has a specific dream interpretation. A farmer or a chef can easily have dreams of an onion in their sleep. A woman can also have this vision if she feels difficult in her life. By using common sense, you can use a dream dictionary, and you will soon find a way to break the code sent by your subconscious.

The onion in your sleep reflects your inner commitment or struggle to overcome the aspects that make you sad and afraid. If you peel the onion, you might have cried and felt itchy in your eyes. Of course, if you are crying because you peel the onion, this dream has a different meaning compared to crying because of sadness. Dreaming about peeling onions indicates that you want to know the inside of others.

In life, onions have defense mechanisms. They release substances that cause eye irritation as a defense mechanism to counter specific predators. In this case, dreaming of red onions can show that you have to protect your weakness to prevent your enemy from attacking or trying to hurt you.


The number of layers of the red onion represents your privacy. You are usually open only to certain highly specific people. Are you an introvert person? Certain people who carry loads in the past are more likely to have dreams of onions or garlic. You should try to focus on the present and forget the bad memories or sorrows that make you unable to live a happy life. Here’s another meaning of onion and garlic:

What does it mean onion or garlic in a dream?

  1. When you see garlic, it can symbolize trouble, but if you eat it, then your load is not so heavy.
  2. When you see the onion or eat it, this dream shows that you will overcome all the problems and challenges you have today.
  3. When someone throws an onion at you, this dream shows you the challenges you face every day.
  4. When you cry for peeling onions, this dream signifies that you are afraid.
  5. When you dream of the onions on the table in your kitchen, this picture signifies the negative energy that surrounds you, so you have to progress step by step to get through this stage.
  6. When you see red onions surrounding someone who is sick, this dream shows healing for the person, both physically and mentally.
  7. When you see the cooked onion, the dream indicates that you will improve your business.
  8. When you see onions everywhere, this dream symbolizes that you will focus on a healthier life.
  9. When you smell the onion in a dream, it symbolizes that you are a very unsafe person because of past problems.
  10. When you peel the onion, this dream signifies the problem that you must overcome.
  11. When you eat cooked garlic, this dream means that you repent.
  12. The dream of peeling garlic means you are persuading someone to make money.

The dream of onion is related to all the problems and attachments you have in life. Red onion or garlic in a dream indicates that you will fix the issues that have long been circulating in your life.