Marriage Dream Meaning Wedding Interpretation

marriage dream

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Getting married is to unite two different hearts. Anyone who has entered adulthood may get married. Married is often only done once in a lifetime so this becomes the most eagerly awaited moment by most people. Various vital preparations before the wedding will be done so that happy moment becomes correctly.

Getting married is a happy and rare event for someone in his life. However, if this moment occurs in a dream, it can be a dangerous sign. The vision of marriage can be a sign that a person will experience misfortune such as illness, loss of goods, or will get calamity.


What does it mean to dream about marriage?

> When you contracted marriage, this dream signifies a profit. You think of everything and try to get the best for you. Many people will say that you are a materialist, but you think you are practical.

> When you were planning a wedding, this dream is a sign that your desire will not be realized. Your relationship with your partner will not result in a beautiful marriage. Over time, you will understand that your feelings are not the same as before.

> When you were attending your ex-wedding, this dream signifies that you have not been able to solve your problem. You feel that your story has ended, but the subconscious shows that you have not been able to overcome the old wounds in your memory. Bad relationships in the past made you and your ex not intend to change bad habits.

> When you left a wedding, this dream is a sign of divorce. There is a chance you will get divorced, and you will get most of the community property. Your Ex will be envious and consider this as an injustice and will give you trouble to give up your intention.


Other marriage interpretations

1. When you dreamed of getting married, it means that you will be sick soon and near to death.

2. When you would marry your boy/ girlfriend in a dream, it means someone will make you disappointed and hurt.

3. When your father married again in a dream, it means the bad things will happen to your family.

4. When you failed to marry someone else in a dream, it means that the abundant sustenance will come because of good you have done.

5. When you failed to marry your boy/ girlfriend, it means that someone will make you happy.

6. When you dreamed of seeing your mother remarry, it means something wrong for your family will happen.

7. When you want to get married in a dream, it symbolizes guests who will come in the next few days to bring bad news.

8. If your partner marries another person, it means that you will find the item you have been looking for a long time.

9. When you saw people get married, it means someone who married in your sleep will have bad luck, illness, or even death.

10. When you dream that you married repeatedly, it means that you will experience a slowdown in economic life gradually.

11. When you dreamed of getting married and pregnant, it means that you will get the loss but then rise from adversity so you can succeed.

12. When you dreamed of marrying your ex, it means that someone will come with bad news.

13. When you married to someone you love, it means that you will suffer from fever, toothache, or any other disease for more than a week.

14. When you married to someone you do not know, it symbolizes that you will get an accident that causes injuries and marks on the skin.

15. When you married your sister/ brother in a dream, it symbolizes unexpected expenses, so you have to start saving money.

16. When you marry a friend, it means that someone will come from far away for a need.

17. When you dreamed of failing to marry, it means that you will gain glory from those around.

18. If you have dreamed that someone married an ex-girlfriend, this symbolizes that happiness will come to you long.

19. When in a dream that someone has married your spouse, this symbolizes that there is a lot of happiness, so you do not have to rush to feel jealous if you have this vision.

20. If you dream of someone getting married and it all ends in a fight, it symbolizes that you will be depressed.

21. If someone you like is married in a dream, it symbolizes that there will be rough moments, many conflicts and disappointments befall you.

22. If you were planning a marriage, this symbolizes that you will struggle for yourself, because you have internal conflicts that you have to solve.

23. When you were planning a marriage for someone, and you do not know them, it symbolizes that economic problems will strike you.

24. When you received a wedding invitation in a dream, it’s a sign that you have to face new challenges in the workplace.

25. When you saw a wedding ring in a dream at a wedding, it symbolizes that your love will last forever.

26. If you saw a church wedding in a dream, it symbolizes that you have many skills you need to practice to improve your life.

27. When you went to a wedding, and you fought with the couple’s family, it symbolizes your fear of making a decision.

28. If you saw someone married but unhappy, then this dream symbolizes that you should not let anyone control your life.

29. If in a  dream that someone will marry and you object to the marriage, it symbolizes that you are doing something for the benefit of the family.

Those are some meaning to get married again in a dream. Aside from the above list, you may be willing to share your dream to your friends.