Fire Dream Meaning Interpretation

fire dreams

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Dream about fire may symbolize passion, destruction, the light of life, purity, or perhaps anger. If you are not afraid of fire, then this is reflecting yourself. Fire is a symbol of energy and can also represent motivation. On the opposite side, the meaning of dream about light can have an interpretation of a risky thing.

Dreams of fire can occur because of depressed, sad situations, unexpected changes in life. When you do not know how to act, you can have a dream with fire. When your dream turns into a nightmare, that’s when you want to forget it, but you have to save a fantasy in your head and find an adequate explanation. Stress causes fire dream, so the first thing you need to do is find peace in your life.

The pressure that has invaded your entire life is the ultimate interpretation of the fire dreams. But there are more meanings of dreams, depending on how the fire in your dreams. Dreaming of light in your own house shows concern for your family. You can also imagine of wildfires, nightmares that are so frequent that you feel vulnerable to the danger of threatening you. Like when you’re near a fire, your first impulse is running away.


Fire is an event that becomes a problem in society if a fire occurs near the settlement. Fire is still a frightening specter for the community because if it is difficult to extinguish and usually the fire will burn many houses. Fires can occur due to several things, social or deliberate humanity. In residential housing, fires occur due to short-circuit. Fire is also frequent due to a gas explosion.

When dreaming, you often see something completely unrelated. You are in a place that is not your place. For example, the dream of seeing a house on fire but the house is not yours. What does this dream mean? Fire events in dreams can be a good sign or a bad sign for your life. It all depends on the conditions that are going on in your dreams and the conditions of your life at that time.

What does it mean when you dream about fire?

  1. Dream of seeing a fire without smoke means close to a great person. Forget about work that binds and natural things.
  2. To dream of being put in the fire but not burned, it means a leader has strayed over you, but not for long pleased with you.
  3. If burned by flames means trouble or pain, tragedy, and temptation.
  4. Dream to see the smoky fire; it means making money in a way forbidden.
  5. Dream to see flame put out sparks means quarrel.
  6. Dream to see hot flames and then your body feels hot, means asked for help from distant places, or you will get a fever.
  7. When you see a bright flame is in your hands; it means something useful.
  8. Dream to cast fire on the crowd, it means inflame hostility.
  9. If you are a merchant and you see the fire blazing in your store, the meaning is you will sell wares at a high price, without pity on the buyer.
  10. Dream of your clothes burned, it means quarrel with family or sad because you do not have anything.
  11. Dream of seeing the fire with no light and no flare, it means hostility. If the fire is blazing means a disease that is difficult to treat.
  12. Dream to see a flame out of the earth and then ascend to the sky, it means the war happens in that area.
  13. When you dream that you see flame moves from one place to another, this dream symbolizes rich after living as an indigent.
  14. If you dream of seeing fire falling from the sky like rain, means malign, then bloodshed and many people killed on the spot.
  15. When you dream of taking burning coals, means acquiring dirty money from someone.
  16. To dream your belly is riven, then there is a flame, means eating a property belonging to orphans in a way that is not true.
  17. Dream of sitting with people and surrounded by fire but you survive and not burn means enjoyment and blessings.
  18. Dream of fire is burning in your house without smoke means getting a windfall.
  19. Your neighbor’s house is on fire is a bad sign, and your neighbor does not like your success.
  20. Seeing the house on fire partially is a bad sign, indicating that there are members of your spouse’s family who are jealous of your success.
  21. Dream of your house on fire is an unfavorable omen, which signifies a problematic case that happens to you and your family.
  22. Wildfire is a good sign. If you are an entrepreneur, then it signifies success.
  23. Dream on a night then there is a fire that shines bright, it means the strength and joy.
  24. The fire that illuminates and no smoke, for the merchant, means a benefit, and those who still single will marry.
  25. Dream of drinking flame means lousy speech from someone.
  26. To dream of a merchant exposed to flame, it means that someone promise to you, then he will keep his promise.
  27. Dreaming of as if the smoke protect you, it means a fever.
  28. Dream of making a fire with a stone to be lit, ask for help to someone who’s stubborn.
  29. If a woman makes up the fire with a stone fire and the fire can be lit brightly, it means to give birth a son.
  30. Dream to put out the fire blazing in the house means the death of a head of the family. If in a public place means a leader there.
  31. Ashes in the kitchen mean doing something to indulge the demons and not succeed except with difficulty.
  32. Dreaming of blazing flame means something not desirable from the undesirable.
  33. Dream of seeing flame forcing each other, it means disaster.
  34. Dreaming of flame falls from the sky but not burn, it means weakness in the population in that area.
  35. There is fire falls in a building or on the wood, it means calamity will fall in that place.
  36. There is a fire in the house, means something terrible occurs between you and your family.
  37. Dreaming of lit the fire to be bright, means acquiring knowledge and happy with what you get.
  38. Fire is burning your body part; it means you will get disaster.
  39. Dream of making a flame in a container, it means dirty money.
  40. Dream to put fire on the bed or under, it means if you sick will be healed and if you sad will be happy.
  41. Dream of seeing sparks means misfortune.
  42. Dream there is a fire in your hand, it means you will get a respite of fortune from someone. If the smoky fire that means trouble.
  43. Dream of seeing the sparks fall on a lot of people, there is hostility between people and the fight will be occurred.
  44. Dream of seeing the sparks burn anything, it means bad speech and no good, quarrel or warfare between groups.
  45. Dream of seeing the smoke means hassles outstanding. The smoke with flames means war.
  46. Dreams about wet firewood mean dispute.
  47. Dream of looking for firewood and collecting firewood and placed on your back means terrible deeds.
  48. Dream to put firewood to light a fire means emerged a pleasant conversation.
  49. Dream to put charcoal on the fire means money.
  50. To dream of your body or your clothes get exposed to charcoal means trouble but not for long.

firework in a dream


What does it mean to dream about fireworks?

In our lives, fireworks are attributed to popular festivals or celebration of specific events such as the New Year. But what do they represent in the subconscious? Although real life is usually little related to the virtual world, some cases have certain similarities. Depending on the context of your dreams, fireworks are often a good sign. Also, reading your thoughts will discover how the message is delivered. With the help of a dream dictionary, you will describe the hidden content of the words and dream symbols.

It is natural that some interpreters claim that fireworks show that you have a reason to celebrate something. Have you completed a learning career with good grades? Have you been a parent recently? Have you ever been promoted to your work? On the other hand, other analysts say that fireworks are about explosions of feelings toward new people. Are there any new people present today in your life? Do you think you are building an extraordinary bond? Do you live life with higher enthusiasm? But you need to know more details about your dreams or how you react to make a more accurate interpretation.

Dreams about fireworks with different colors mean that you have to expand the way you see the world. You must have a more open mind and find other ways of thinking. For example, get to know different cultures and face life from another point of view.

At other times, fireworks dreams also show that you have to live more carefully. Even beautiful things are too dangerous. You must learn to be more careful. Did you know that in real life there are also laws and security measures on how to use fireworks?

Fireworks in a dream also shows that you have to make yourself heard. Do you think there is no biased opinion? In general, loud voices reflect that you must show a firm attitude so that others understand your ideas. Fireworks are portrayed as an overflow of feelings. After a long time, it will find a way out.

It is imperative to look at all the aspects that appear in your dreams about the fire. If there is a fire victim, the meaning may be harmful. Human is not separated from fire, but fire can also be destructive in the wrong way.

Even so, you should also consider that most likely the dream of seeing a burning house does not mean anything. The thought is probably just a reflection of what you think before you go to sleep.