Dream Meaning Saying Goodbye

dream goodbye

geralt / Pixabay

Many people certainly will not like the farewell. Saying goodbye to a special person will make your heart sad. However, in the dream world, saying goodbye is usually more often a good meaning. It is the stage of your life to start from scratch and with a more optimistic vision to make you have a dream about the people who say goodbye to you.

Although initially painful, you will find that this pain can be replaced by a sense of relief as you read this interpretation. Abandoning old harmful habits or certain crimes can cause you to have dreams of family members saying goodbye to you. In this case, you should try to think positively.

Even if you do not like it, sooner or later you have to say goodbye because it is part of life itself. Farewell happens when the love affair ends when you distance yourself from a friend, or after the death of the person you love. Whatever the circumstances or why saying goodbye has always been painful.


Dreaming a farewell implies a radical change depending on the chronology of the dream and the connection you have with someone in your sleep. However, you must remember that to interpret correctly, and you also have to think about specific factors such as the context of your dream and condition.

What does it mean to say goodbye?

> When you say goodbye to many people in a dream, this symbolizes your need to escape from reality. You’ve made a bad decision, and you want to leave it all and start a new life. Even if you run away, you will always be in the same body, and people will know it.

> When you say goodbye to your spouse, this dream signifies that your relationship will not grow as you wish. It awakens your jealousy to other couples, but you should not let these feelings haunt you. There is a possibility that your partner will no longer excite you as before. Even so, you do not despair, and you have to learn from many people. However, if you still feel that your flame of love still burning, then it is time to change your destiny.


> When you say goodbye to someone, you’ve never seen in a long time referring to an unexpected reunion. Often you keep away from certain people because of differences of opinion. Over time, you become aware of the importance of other people in your life. You just have to be patient and accept an apology to continue the relationship.

> When you say goodbye to someone who dies, this dream signifies that you want to settle a dispute or close an old wound. Someone who has not been able to forget the memories very often has this vision.

> When you say goodbye to a famous person, this dream signifies that you have ruled out the dream of becoming a well-known person in society. You become more mature and become your true self. You realize that fame is not always synonymous with happiness.

> When you say goodbye to someone who does not like you, this dream shows that your situation will increase drastically. Your fear in the past will vanish, and you will be able to live comfortably in the end. If you focus your energy correctly, you will get great satisfaction.

Dream of saying goodbye or farewell often turn into nightmares, especially if you separate yourself from the person you love most. You have doubts and worries, and you do not know how to express it, that’s why the subconscious gave you this message.