Dream Meaning Makeup Interpretation

makeup dream

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Dream of using cosmetics or makeup, including thoughts that often happen to women. Makeup in dreams usually shows that a person is hiding. In some contexts, this is a way to protect bad traits. A man can also have dreams about makeup, so it’s not always women who can have makeup dreams.

Dreaming with makeup can represent your desire to have a different vision than you have now. You want to change your perception, or you want a new perspective than usual. In this way, you can have dreams of using mascara.

People who dream of excessive makeup on their faces can symbolize the fear of showing themselves as they are. They are dishonest with others; they usually disguise and hide the darkness for worry if they are rejected.


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Your subconscious mind wants to reconnect with the emptiness you feel inside. No need to be egocentric, you just want to capture the attention that has been lost.

What does it mean to dream about makeup?

  1. When you use makeup in a dream, this dream symbolizes that you are a sincere and very honest person, but you do not like the crowds.
  2. When you see someone using makeup, this dream symbolizes positive change.
  3. If in a dream that you are using makeup in front of a mirror, this symbolizes that you are doing your best to see yourself well, to be more confident and to raise your self-esteem.
  4. When you see the makeup in a dream, this dream symbolizes that your personality is less confident.
  5. If you dream that you are using excessive makeup, this dream symbolizes that you are hiding your true nature from others, others will not know about you.
  6. If you dream that you are cleaning the makeup off your face, this dream shows that you must have an attitude to forgive.
  7. When you dream that you have cosmetic, but you don’t use it, this dream symbolizes that people will stay away from you because of the mistakes you made.
  8. When you see a makeup store in your dreams, this dream symbolizes that you are trying to improve yourself and you must take significant steps.
  9. When you dream of clown makeup, this dream shows that you are less thinking.

Makeup in dreams reflects the hidden feelings you have, or you wish to hide from the world. The makeup in dreams symbolizes two different faces.