Dream Meaning Kissing Interpretation

Dream Meaning Kissing

Kissing is a touch with lips. As you know, every element in your sleep gets a special place to interpret your dreams. The most popular theme in the dream world is a kiss. What does the subconscious mean?

When you were a teenager and hormone developed, you may have dreamed of kissing. Dreams like this are reasonable and very common. However, if you are an adult and these dreams occur, then this is a strange and spontaneous thing. Therefore, you should not miss a message from your subconscious. You can find the meaning of a kiss with the help of a dream dictionary. Here are some interpretations of the kiss in your dream:

What does it mean to dream of kissing?


When you dream of a french kiss, this dream signifies that you will have a romantic relationship with someone who is always around you. Your link will be very successful and with a happy ending.

When you kiss someone who has died, this dream warns the death of an acquaintance. It’s burdening you, so you get this dream. Often this is the concern you feel for that person, and it is what makes you want to meet that person again and show your affection.

When you see other people kissing, this dream symbolizes sadness. You also feel hopeless, and you are not lucky because you cannot be with someone you want. You should see things realistically, once you realize you will know that you are better to be alone or find someone else.

When you kiss someone you love, this dream signifies that you can relax because the fun period will come. If you’ve been at odds recently, you’ll find the best solution to the problem.


If you are a woman and you have dreams of kissing other women, then this is a sign that you are still holding yourself back. It can also signal a kind of internal struggle. It also applies if you are a man and you have a dream of kissing another man. On the other hand, kissing people of the same sex is often related to problems in friendship.

When you kiss someone else’s partner, this dream signifies that everything you imagine will happen. If you are planning to change jobs, this is the right moment for that.

When you kiss people you don’t know, this dream shows that you will gain honor.

When your ex kisses you, this dream signifies that you miss your ex, you want to be with that person again. If you are single at this time, you may have to try to put that person into your life.

When someone you hate kisses you, this dream is a sign that you feel scared. You worry if that person will embarrass you in public.

When someone kisses your hand, this dream signifies betrayal. A fraud will affect you. You should be careful with the attitude of the people who offer you help because they have no good intentions.

When you kiss your parents, this dream signifies a journey. Your parents will worry about you for other reasons.

When you kiss animals, cats or dogs, this dream signifies that you feel you have to be careful.

Dreaming with kissing can be exciting or problematic depending on your current condition. Generally, when you kiss someone, it means you have something pending. You never miss a chance to meet someone to start something; you will most likely have curiosity.