Dream Meaning Killing Someone Interpretation

dream killing someone

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Although horrible, killing someone in a dream can happen; as a result, we hate someone too much till get swept away in sleep. You need to know that certain dreams you need to be aware of because those visions you cannot think of as ordinary dreams. At certain times, these dreams can be a sign of things that will happen in the future.

News about murder can cause you to have dreams related to the killing. The subconscious mind generates ideas according to the activities you develop during the day. So if you’re interested in movies and news about homicide, then you can dream of murderers and criminals.

The dream conditions you experience can have different interpretations. Some dream experts claim that the dream of being killed usually occurs when you lose part of your being. Has a significant person just died in your family? This vision also comes from frustrated and depressed people who avoid fighting.


As for the meaning of killing people in the dream as a sign of achievement of all desires and aspiration. Expectation and desperation that had buried will enfold in a few days to come. Expectations are not limited, can be the desire to get a decent job, healing, or fortune. Well, for more details, here is the full meaning of killing people in dreams according to dream dictionary.

What does it mean to dream about killing someone?

To kill people based on gender
Murder in the dream can be interpreted based on the gender of the person you killed. Killing a man means you will gain power and trust of others. While you dreamed of killing a woman, it means good luck.

Dream of killing people based on tool to kill
Besides based on gender, to kill people can be interpreted based on the weapon used for murder. Dream to kill someone with a gun means that you will quickly achieve your dreams. While in the sleep that you kill people with a sword or knife says you need to sacrifice something to make more significant things.


Chased by someone who wants to kill you in dream
This dream is a bad sign. Being chased by someone who wants to kill you has a meaning that you are in danger. It could be a threat of disease, deception, or witchcraft. Try to remain to be careful after you have this dream.

Dream of killing parents
Killing your parents is a sense that you are going to acquire additional sustenance quickly. The meaning of killing your parent is only valid if you do not have any problems with your parents. If you have a problem with them, it means your dream is inherited from your subconscious.

Dream of killing an unknown person
The meaning of dreams to kill an unidentified person is you’ll reach your goal.

Other dream meanings

1. When you dream that you are a killer or you kill an animal, this dream symbolizes that you want to hide something.

2. When you dream that you are massacring many people, this dream symbolizes that you have to go through a tough challenge.

3. When you dream that you are killing flies, this dream symbolizes your desire to stay away from people close to you to avoid trouble.

4. When in a dream that you kill a bee, it symbolizes destruction in a short time.

5. If in a dream that you kill someone you know in real life, this shows that you want the person to stop interfering with your business.

6. When you kill someone you don’t know; this dream signifies that the person could lose his life in an accident. Killing a stranger in a dream also a sign that you want to end the sadness.

7. When you dream that you are killing your parents, this dream symbolizes that you need a significant change in your life.

8. When you dream that you see many people killing each other, this vision symbolizes if you feel shunned by people close to you.

9. When you saw someone gets killed, this dream signifies that you are confused by the way other people act.

10. When you kill someone to defend yourself, this dream will make you lucky, or you will have a higher social level.

11. Killing someone to defend yourself symbolizes that your economy will improve.

12. Seeing people suicide or being killed is a problem caused by your lack of determination.

13. The dream of being a serial killer shows that you missed the past.

14. Seeing a killer in a dream shows you the loss of freedom and your identity. Do not be afraid of change, because change is part of life itself.

15. A dream of being a murder victim refers to the relationship. You should be wise in choosing your friends, to prevent them from hurting you.

When you dreamed of killing, it shows that you have more power and for that, you need to eliminate something you don’t need. Killing in a dream is not always bad because it can be an act of self-defense.