Dream Meaning Fighting Interpretation

fight dreams

Meaning of dream about a fight, cussing, and quarrel often reveals turmoil inner. Besides, if you dream of struggle, this vision may be just occasionally that something is not in harmony with yourself or something unresolved. In general, a dream of a fight can express a doubt of the dreamer.

Conflicts in dream show that someone does not dare to face reality. Anger that you meet in the real world will appear in your sleep.

What does it mean to dream of fighting?

> When you have a problem in your family and you dream of fighting with a wild animal, then this signifies a loss. You feel that you are getting an unfair portion of your inheritance. It will not have high material value, but it will mean a lot to you and will remind you of the good times of the past.

> When you fought with a woman, this dream indicates that you would have a conflict that would be a severe problem. You will find different perceptions to see the world. You feel that you are a victim of fraud, you do not believe in someone else even someone close to you.

> When you fought with the dead, this dream symbolizes the failure in the field of employment. You will get pressure because you want to prove to your colleague or boss that you deserve the best position. You feel that everyone underestimates you and wants to knock you down.

> When you dream to participate in a duel, this dream symbolizes disagreement among friends. You decide that it is best to discontinue contact with them.

> When you become the cause of two people dueling, this dream implies that you feel guilty. It’s possible that you’ve been in touch with someone who has given you love and attention, but you don’t want that person. You think you deserve the best of others, more than the person does.

> When you won a fight, this dream signifies that you will escape the great danger.

Other interpretations

  1. Dream of quarreling with someone about the affairs of the world, this vision symbolizes that you are trying hard to seek fortune.
  2. However, when you quarrel with co-workers, then your efforts are unsuccessful.
  3. Dream of quarrel with hereafter subject, it means equally successful business.
  4. Dream of quarreling and getting help from God means is real.
  5. Dream of quarreling with people, it could mean severe affliction but the problem is still unclear, it means you are arguing about something noble.
  6. Quarrel with a woman or a child is not a good sign.
  7. Dream of quarreling with an influential person, the meaning is wrong.
  8. Dream of seeing people are quarreling for strategic issues, it means that they will all lose.
  9. Dream of fighting and persecute someone, it means the oppressed got the victory.
  10. Provoke fights with evil speech, and it means to force people to do something.
  11. Dream of mistreated by someone, it means obtain mercy and help.
  12. Dream about cussing people means those people will get a benefit.
  13. Avenge cuss of others, it means avenge ugliness with ugliness anyway.
  14. Dreaming someone cursing you, it means getting good.
  15. Dream to see people who are a divine curse you mean a lot of sins.
  16. Dream of being a pious person and then cussing means running error.

Not every vision of a fight in your sleep signifies something terrible.