Dream Meaning Eyes Interpretation

eyes dream meaning

Eyes are undoubtedly the windows to the soul. Eyes serve to see everything in this world. If you’ve read the dreams about body parts, now is the time to know about eyes further. The eyes that appear in your vision can sometimes be very abstract, weird and disturbing.

Many people believe that the eye expresses a loving personality. Sometimes, we can read someone’s character through his eyes, though sometimes the eyes can also cheat. Men who love to seduce women have naughty eyes and their eyes can play tricks.

Your subconscious mind shows that you have to analyze the things that appear in the dream. As you can imagine, we always examine it from a very subjective point of view. Here’s the meaning of eyes in a dream:

What does it mean to dream about the eyes?

1. The eye reveals the light from your heart. If you have eye disease or red eyes in you dream, then this represents the difficulty of finding the right path.

2. When in a dream that you feel someone watching you, this symbolizes that you feel guilty about something you did.

3. If in a dream that you hide your eyes with sunglasses, this indicates that you want to run away from responsibility.

4. When in a dream that something or dust get into your eyes, this vision symbolizes that you have a problem with yourself as vanity or lose your confidence.

5. If in a dream that you were trying to open your eyes but you could not, it symbolizes that you will ignore the negative situation you are having.

6. If in a dream that you can’t close your eyes, this symbolizes that the behavior of those around you will make you care.

7. The dream that you lose your eyes or blind eyes is a bad sign because it symbolizes the suffering and disappointment caused by deceit and falsehood.

8. Dreaming about having conjunctivitis and tearing very often represents that you have an inner conflict to solve.

9. When in a dream that your vision becomes blurred, this symbolizes that you have many problems to face the challenges of everyday life.

10. When in a dream that you lose your sight and you become blind, this symbolizes that you do not know how to overcome the problems that arise.

11. When in a dream that you feel watched by a pair of eyes that look at you from every angle, this vision signifies that you feel guilty about someone close to you. This dream also expresses that the failures you make always scare you and make you feel traumatized.

12. When in a dream that you go to an ophthalmologist because you have vision problems, this indicates that you need help, but you cannot ask for help from others.

13. While in your sleep that you were watching colored eyes, this symbolizes that you are very demanding of yourself as a perfectionist and you always feel on guard.

14. While in a dream that you have a blindfold and can’t see anything, this vision symbolizes that you have severe difficulties to see the problem you are facing. It also means that you have an unreasonable fear to be betrayed deceived.

15. When in your sleep that you saw someone right in the eye, it symbolizes that you want to know if the person will tell the truth.

16. When someone blinks at you, this dream implies that someone is interested in you. You will have the feeling that you like that person, while you don’t know what to do.

17. When you dream that you cannot see well, but you do not wear glasses, this dream symbolizes that you do not dare to face the problem.

In many cultures, the eyes are intelligence and a soul. The eyes in a dream symbolize knowledge and light because the eye is what you use to see the world around you.