Dream Meaning Being Raped

dream rape

Alexas_Fotos / Pixabay

Dream of being raped – People who have had a tragic experience can have nightmares and revive dramatic situations for years to come. Suffering and trauma due to rape can cause nightmares because the subconscious is still trying to heal the wound. Also, you can dream of sexual assault because your psyche has recorded dramatic scenes.

It all depends on the dream details, the life stage and the feelings you imagine when dreaming of rape. In your dream, were you a person who was having a sexual assault or were you a rapist? If you were a rapist, did you enjoy it in your dream?

At present, rape or sexual assault is a crime, so that someone who commits sexual harassment will go to jail. Dreaming of abuse or a dream of being raped makes us feel sad and ends with a cry that we cannot explain when we wake up.


What does it mean to dream of being raped?

> The dream of being a rapist symbolizes your aggressive personality over what you wish. Dreams raped as sexual fantasies can happen because of your desires.

> The dream of being raped means that you currently have no action or thought. The natural desire to become a member of a group leads you to do something without thinking about the consequences that will be brought about by your actions. Often you feel guilty in life right now, so you ignore the bond, and you do not think about the future.

> When you failed to rape in a  dream, it means you have strengthened yourself to meet the goals that you want. Love and diligence are the paths that will lead you to happiness.


> The dream of raping someone represents selfishness and disinterest in everything. Maybe you have been through a desperate situation and have created an impenetrable intuition inside you. Over time you will get many enemies, so it is advisable to change attitudes and remember that not everyone is the same.

> Accused of raping in dreams refers to fear in social relationships. Often you act without thinking about the feelings of the people around you. This vision can bring trouble for you to socialize, so you keep asking yourself why people are moving away from you.

> If your family raped in a dream relates to overprotective attitudes to family and unfortunate events. Your children also have the right to decide what life they want, what makes them truly happy. The role of parents counsel and guide their children in the best way, but do not make bad decisions, children also have to take responsibility for their own life choices.

Dreaming of rape is closely related to dependence and slavery. Once we reach a level of independence, we will regain lost self-esteem and feel fulfilled. The dream of sexual abuse is very common for women, and it is a very stressful and dangerous experience. Dreaming of rape encourages us to make our own decisions, which not depends on the others.