Dream Meaning Apricot Interpretation

apricot dream

Apricot is a fruit that has health benefits. In Latin, this is called the Armenian Plum. At first glance, this fruit looks like an apple, but not if you notice it up close. Apricots are also useful as an aphrodisiac fruit or arousal. After you eat this fruit, you may have dreams about apricots, or do you want to eat them? What exactly does your subconscious tell you? The dream dictionary will help you to interpret the apricot’s symbolic meaning in your dreams.

People in Asia have known apricots since 4000 years ago, and then these plants spread to Europe and other parts of the world. Not all the pieces have the same meaning in a dream world. Each fruit represents their symbol. Here are some definitions about apricots in your dreams:


What does it mean to dream about apricots?

When you see apricots in your sleep, this dream represents welfare. You have passed a very successful period in which you have achieved many goals that you didn’t expect. You have let yourself relax and enjoy what you do. You will see that you are healthy and happy with your life.

When you eat apricots, this dream signifies that your life is uncertain. You feel that you are the best when you need to decide something with someone. You may have a serious relationship with someone. You have a lot of criteria by which you want your partner to fulfill. You don’t plan to give up because of the fear that you will live alone.

When you collect apricots in your sleep, this dream shows that your efforts will be meaningless. It is possible that you will start a job based on your hobby or your way to spend extra time. However, on this path you will have more obstacles and problems than good news, so you will not be able to rely on profit, at least shortly.

When you look at the apricot tree, this dream shows that even though you currently believe that everything seems perfect, yet everything you feel is just an illusion. In fact, you will know that there are so many things you have never actually known. If you know, you may feel confused and hurt.


Eating apricots in dreams also signify that you will get caught in very complicated things because many people are jealous and people will think poorly of you. You will find it difficult because you have to clean your reputation.

When you dream that you are buying apricots, this dream signifies that your love life will be excellent. You will find special people as friends in your life. But if you don’t act in adulthood, in the end, you will lose the person you love.

When you see a rotten or broken apricot, this dream shows that you will miss something and it will be unfortunate. The person you care about will die, it may be because of a severe accident or a sudden illness.

When you see the apricot in a can, this dream signifies that you don’t have to trust your friends. You have to be careful; these guys are not your real friends, they come to betray you and reveal your secrets.

When you see someone eating apricots, this dream signifies that you will be in a very stressful and very unpleasant environment. You must be patient and calm yourself, so you don’t despair.

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