Crow Dream Meaning Interpretation

crow dream

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You don’t have to watch the crow movie to have a dream about crows. Since ancient times, crows have shown darkness, instilling fear and death. In some cultures, crows represent ghosts and spirits. In horror movies, crows often appear in movies. So why did you dream of a crow?

Many people said that when you receive bad news, then you tend to dream about black crows. Dreaming crows are associated with adverse and distressing aspects of life. Usually, these dreams can be attributed to accidents, illness, infidelity and even death, although this should not be taken literally. Depending on your culture, you may have different interpretations. So what does it mean to dream about a crow?

What does it mean to dream of a crow?

Dreams of a crow trying to attack you
You will experience sad moments. You should not be too concerned about this vision because this is not a hunch. If you dream again with a crow trying to attack you, remember that the crow is a coward.

Dreams of a dead crow
This vision is the end of your misfortune; the conflict has been resolved. The problem is solved with your business or happens by chance. A dead crow or sick is also a sign that those who betray you, in the end, get a misfortune.

Dream of talking to a crow
This is a very common nightmare. The talking crow can represent sadness. The conversations you make with crows mean lousy advice and cause the envy of people on your side.

Other interpretations

  • Dream of seeing some crows means many people are on your side. Even so, sooner or later you will be betrayed by some people who you consider to be the people closest to you.
  • Crow flying near you is related to your partner’s affair. You do not spend enough time with someone you love or because of your bad attitude.
  • Crows fight each other in a dream; it means people who will betray you because they are interested in something you have.
  • Crows look at you as a bad sign and the beginning of a seemingly endless problem. Do not be discouraged because you have to overcome any obstacles.
  • Dream of killing a crow is usually related to a broad relationship in love.
  • Hearing crows or seeing ravens in the windows, this dream warns you about the coming of bad news in the future.
  • Crows attacking someone in a dream, it means someone from your neighborhood will experience hard times, and certainly needs your support to overcome this crisis.
  • Crows bite you implying that you will be the victim of humiliation and slander.

The presence of a crow in a dream gives an unpleasant and tragic meaning. This kind of dream can tell you the potential danger, which will affect you directly or indirectly.