Cloud Dream Meaning Interpretation

cloud dream

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Sometimes we look at the sky, to see how this day. Today there is a cloud in the sky. How beautiful the cloud is. How different they are to each other. Dreaming clouds can represent the difficulties we experience today and harmony in many areas of life.

Dreaming of clouds relates to purpose and hope, it can refer to trust in others. Clouds are air masses formed from dust particles with water droplets of dew. The dream of cloud refers to the high expectations we have, as well as the trust is given to certain people.

Dreams of dark clouds show that frustration and despair attack you. Dreaming about the cloud is directly related to other desires, such as dreaming of rain, which is related to adaptability and response to change.

What does it mean when you dream about clouds?

Dreaming white clouds means there is something that prevents you from seeing reality. You are also having trouble taking responsibility. All this makes you live in a fantasy world, which can be helpful to get through tough times with optimism.

Dream of seeing a black cloud symbolizes frustration, failure, and despair. You have done everything with the power to get something, to fulfill the purpose. Even so, you are involved in a situation where disappointment adorns your mind throughout the day. If things do not go well or not as you expect, it can be destiny. You need to find other strategies to get what you want.

Dream of seeing the sky without clouds means you are sure of what you want and do not hesitate when making decisions. By having a clear vision, you do not let anyone manipulate you. You also do not allow the situation dominate you. Not everyone knows exactly which path to take.

Dream of walking on a cloud represents a new challenge, to turn monotony into a turning point. If you enter a new adventure, you will also endanger all the things you have built. Before you do anything, you have to think about the consequences.

Dreams about colored clouds related to the mood swings you experience and the inconsistencies you think. Specific events provoke changes in your behavior. You must learn to control your emotions; otherwise, you will face confrontation with everyone.

Other cloud dreams meaning

  • Dream of seeing a cloud over your head means obtaining a high rank or making a profit.
  • Herding clouds in a dream mean you have a good friend.
  • The dream of a cloud coming into the house means that someone will come.
  • Dreams of taking the cloud mean you can do something that cannot be done by others.
  • Dreams of clothing from the clouds mean getting more knowledge than others.
  • Dream of seeing lots of clouds descending from the sky, and then cover the entire surface of the earth means not right.
  • Seeing the sun covered by clouds that means the death of a person.
  • Red cloud dream means you are looking for something.

Seeing cloud in a dream shows that it is difficult for us to take certain positions to deal with unfavorable situations that arise. To overcome these things, we must learn to respect ourselves and believe in our abilities.