Dream Interpretation

How can we dream? That question sometimes crossed our minds. Every night or every time we fall asleep, everyone in the world will surely dream even though sometimes we don’t remember our visions. The brain functions to rethink past events and organize them in our memories. It proves that your brain works continuously, even when you sleep. Even so, when we fall asleep, the brain does not function properly.


When you fall asleep, the brain reflects things that you remember or think about before you sleep and make it look like a real-life movie. Therefore, sometimes the dreams you experience look very strange as in fictional movies like a giant monster, dream of being lost, dreaming about animals, dream of burning house, dreaming snake, marriage in dreams, dream about cats, accident in dreams etc.

The Nightmare

A dream becomes unpleasant if it turns into a nightmare. Sometimes nightmares happen repeatedly and interfere with your sleep. All people, especially children, they often have nightmares. This vision happens because everyone has a fear of something or a sad old memory. These bad memories will rise again in a dream. Doctors say that a subconscious is a gathering place for hidden thoughts that humans cannot master. Have you ever dreamed of drowning?

nightmare dreambitten

The dream serves as psychotherapy, it can make a person better. If someone dreams that he always gets bad results, then he will work hard so that the dream doesn’t happen in life. Also, a dream that you have can be a consideration for doing something and also knowing something that will happen.

Spiritual Meaning

Many people in the world believe that dreams are warnings from God through certain symbols. It means that dreams have spiritual meaning. Christians, Muslims, Hindus, and various beliefs also believe that dreams are messages from God. In fact, many cultures in the world believe it.

The meaning of dreams is told from generation to generation based on local culture. A strange fact, places far apart from each other in the world have almost the same interpretation. Meanwhile they have a different culture.

Dream Interpretation

Many studies have written about the symbols and their interpretations. The dream brings deep meaning that only the subconscious understands. When you dream, you will feel temporarily paralyzed, even though you don’t realize it. The dreams have always been an excellent thing for humans to learn for a long time ago. Among the royal family, they have dream interpreters. Many people have studied varied dream interpretation.