Tattoo in Dream What Does it Mean

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tattoo dream meaning

Tattoo is a figure that has some symbolism. Tattoos stick to the skin with a syringe that injects ink. Dreaming about a tattoo can be a nightmare for those who fear needles. Dreaming about tattoos is linked to narcissism, seduction and the need to feel special or different from others.

Tattoos are becoming more fashionable. In a particular culture a tattoo is an art. Is there a special situation that motivates this dream? If you do not think about tattoos on your body before, then you need to follow further. You can read the meaning of dreams about tattoo in your context.

What does a tattoo dream mean?

Dreaming about tattoos
Not surprisingly, you dream of having a tattoo with the initials or the name of your spouse or your favorite music group. The dream of a person’s name tattoo means how many people mean to you.

Dream removing tattoos
Are you sorry that you did something stupid? Regret may cause you to dream that you are removing the tattoo.

Dream of getting a tattoo
This dream symbolizes that you want to impress people in your neighborhood. Your self-esteem is damaged by certain facts that have marked you. You must regain security within yourself. One way to do this is to form a new social bond, which allows you to feel useful and boast of your innate qualities.

Dream dragon tattoos
This dream shows that you keep trying and need a lot of time.

Make a tattoo in a dream
This dream represents the mind that annoys you, but you do not know how to change it. The first step is to recognize what is wrong for you to correct errors that you do not like at all.

Dream your spouse gets a tattoo
This dream gives you a sign that someone is trying to contact you and you do not realize it.

Dreams have tattoos that you really do not have associated with emotional instability. There will be some obstacles that will test you and determine your future. Tattoos in dreams can also symbolize scars and this is hard for you to forget. The events of the past or the decisions we have made, determine our present and form our future; however we must learn to discard from our life what makes us evil, which contaminates our mind and our heart. We cannot live repentant for what we did or for what we stopped doing. For everyone, it is difficult to forget a person who became a part of our life. However we must be strong and face reality with maturity. Let’s learn to enjoy the present.